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          Established in 2013, Qingdao TFMAX Trading Company Limited is one of the largest specialized manufacturers and exporters in the line of frozen foodstuffs in China, including chicken meat, duck, rabbit, fish fillet, seafoods, IQF vegetables and fruits.

          By continuously dealing with international foodstuff business, we are aiming to be the bridge between Chinese producers and foreign customers. With more than 30 years experiences in frozen food industry, our management team has tight connection with chicken, duck, rabbit, beef, pork, lamb, fruits and vegetable factories. Our selected factories are qualified with high standard of exporting requirements which are provide with certificates, such as ISO, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, BRC, ORGANIC, SGS etc. On the other hand, through long term cooperation and support with factories, we are also specified as exclusive sales of them. Taking full advantages of precious experience, we provide timely information and sound solutions to clients and producers, and can find suitable products in China to meet customers' various demands. Meanwhile, understanding the importance of consumption health, we learn foodstuff safety standards well issued by different countries. 

           Moreover, it is the most helpful point for us to introduce qualified producers and products. We try our utmost to avoid any possible troubles to the customer, as quality is the key factor of our business. On the other hand, the great geographic location and convenient transportation enable us to offer prompt shipment and competitive price. We believe that quality, service and price lead us to the effective stage. Therefore, our products are selling well in the Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, North American, European, Oceania, Japanese, Korean, the Middle East, and Middle Asian markets.  We are one exclusive supplier in China for frozen foods to UN mission for peace keeping. 

          Beside playing role as an exporter, we launched our import business in 2008. Our imported products including pork, beef, lamb, chicken, as well as fish and seafoods. Our cooperated partners across many areas in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Newzeland. In 2015, we set up our new brand in China Mainland called Meat Mate, which is providing our local customers with high quality foods, directly from oversea farms to their dining-table. 


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