Dragon Creed

Fed up of the rich few controlling the lives of everyone else, Farquarte decides enough is enough. With plans to open a casino, assisted by dwarves and drow, he believes things will positively change for the poor as well as the magical beings that are forced to live on reservations. But with ruthless officials determined to stop him, the casino is the furthest thing from Farquarte’s mind…



Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Published by Recondite Publications
Published: Aug. 20, 2015
Words: 64,920
Language: American English
ISBN: 9781310609022

Recondite Publications


4th June 2015: The Emma Roulstone Interrogation

Catching Emma wasn’t easy, as she’s one busy lady. Lured into the darkness, she divulged the following…

When did you realise you wanted to be an artist?

When I was sixteen, so when I just left secondary school. I was always drawing from magazines, observations and drawing people from life. . .

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http://armandrosamilia.com/2015/04/08/quick-april-update-for-authors-supporting-our-troops-asot2015/ Armand Rosamilia: Quick April Update for Authors Supporting Our Troops #ASOT2015

We’ve broken the 2,000 author-signed books in and I’m quite excited. The books themselves have been trickling in at a much slower pace. I’m confident more people will share the event page and especially the permanent page and get more authors involved. 
Remember… the event itself might technically last until May 1st but I won’t stop collecting books for the year… last year 2,500 books came in the first 4 months and another 500 the rest of the year. Great numbers. I’d still like to beat them both this year if possible. 
One great thing has already happened… with so many #ASOT2015 shirt sales and generous donations coming in, we will have more than enough money in the coffers to pay for at least 3,500 books! I want to thank everyone who has helped make this possible, and so quickly. 
Our goal is to do one more #ASOT2015 shirt the first week of May so everyone who missed out can still get one. And the money from the profits will get added in to begin the 2016 event (yes, there will be one) and in the event we get more books than we’re gauging for (which would be a cool thing). I’ll give you more details in May on the next shirt, which will be the last one for 2015. 
That being said, we are still in need of many author-signed books, so please keep spreading the word about it. Every book counts.
We are also in need of more soldiers as well. If we’re going to guess we’ll get in another 1,500 books, that means roughly 15 more soldier addresses are needed. Remember, we need soldiers in remote areas of the world with no access to the things we take for granted like game systems and e-readers. Get in touch with me at  armandrosamilia@gmail.com for more information on any of this, please and thank you!
Finally… from about April 16th until May 1st I will be out of pocket, and out of the country for some of it. I’m getting married to Special Gal on April 18th with a honeymoon to follow. This means no phone, no internet… nothing. I will truly be gone with her for awhile. 
Any books coming in will be piled up by my son but not opened. When I return I will start the task of catching up on the new arrivals with separating them into boxes to be shipped, pictures for Facebook, etc.
Again… thank you for all the hard work and for making this possible. I wish I was allowed to share some of the latest pictures I’ve received. The faces on the men and women protecting our country is priceless. If things change for certain units in the world and they allow me to share, I will do so…
Armand Rosamilia

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Horror Fiends is out! http://t.co/zfh04BVtY9 Stories via @jwatkinsonxxx @aharemboysaga @BritonandDane

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